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Spanish Courses in Salamanca

The don Quijote school in Salamanca offers a wide range of Spanish courses for beginners to advanced speakers both young and old. The intensive courses are a popular option designed to address all aspects of the language from grammar to oral skills. The specialized Spanish courses are perfect for individuals or small groups looking to focus on a more specific need, for example to improve their business skills, prepare for the DELE exam or take private lessons. Perhaps you prefer to take part in fun activities while studying Spanish in Salamanca such as learning to cook Spanish cuisine?  Younger students can learn Spanish in an international summer camp in Salamanca where they can develop their language skills while meeting people from all over the world.   

Intensive Spanish Programs in Salamanca

Our intensive Spanish courses have been carefully designed to ensure that great improvement is made in your overall Spanish ability. Flexibility is something we can consider very important, and to this end there are different courses to cater to the precise needs of the client. Classes are conducted by native teachers of the highest quality and are designed around your specific level of Spanish.

Our intensive programs are perfect for those interested in improving all four areas of their language skills, namely, writing, reading listening and speaking. Spanish conversation lessons have been designed to suit those who already have a capable level of grammar, but want to speak more fluently. We also provide courses for over -50 year olds, part-time programs and even courses that run throughout Christmas time.

Intensive Spanish Programs

Specialized Spanish Programs

The Specialized Spanish Programs that we offer embrace a great number of distinct courses to focus on particular aspects of Spanish language that you want to improve. For example; private lessons that will grant you the undivided attention of a native teacher, or different programs that prioritize the development of specific vocabulary; such as business or medical Spanish.

Courses are also available for those intent on passing exams such as university entrance ones of the DELE and content can even be personalized for small groups to provide the best possible platform for language acquisition. These programs have been provided to help nurture the abilities you would want to improve and we are proud to be able to offer such a range of Specialized Spanish Program choices to fulfill your needs.

Specialized Spanish Programs in Salamanca

Specialized Spanish Programs

Fun activities

Our Fun Programs are conceived for students to learn Spanish away from the classroom. The exciting activities that are provided differ from school to school, but could consist of water based pursuits such as kite surfing or scuba diving that take place at our coastal schools, or cooking and tango lessons.

Every activity is taught in Spanish, facilitating the ideal combination of encountering new things, having a great time and learning and improving the language, as well as the fact that they provide a perfect opportunity to make new friends!

Fun courses in Salamanca

Fun activities

Spanish for Kids and Teens

don Quijote is delighted to be able provide a multitude of study abroad possibilities for teenagers and children alike during the year.

Our international summer language camps are the ideal choice for any teenagers or children who want to practice their Spanish in a safe and friendly environment whilst meeting new people and making friends from across the globe. There are camps for kids as young as 5 up to the age of 18 offering 24 hour supervision, alongside summer camps designed for older teenagers that provide more independence and flexibility. With seven locations and a wealth of different courses to choose from, there is something to suit everybody’s taste.

International Language Camp in Salamanca

Spanish for Kids and Teens

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